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Monday, 25 October 2010

Painting: New Zeland

This is my newest painting. It's oil on canvas again and is painted from a photo I took in New Zealand. For a change I decide to keep the two people in the composition, as usually I edit out the figures in my landscape images. 

Gustave Courbet
Low tide, the beach at Trouville
oil on canvas
One of my tutors made a comparison between this painting and the work of Gustave Courbet, a French realist painter in the 19th Century. The obvious similarity is that he often painted quite sparse landscapes with big skies and minimal signs of life. 

Peter Doig
Oil on canvas
The figures in my painting are quite Peter Doig-esque, an artist I looked at last year in relation to my
painting on photos. They aren't painted with much detail, for example you can't make out the face, but they are engaged in doing something.

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