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Friday, 19 March 2010

Wet photography

I recently had my induction into wet photography at uni.

We were given a film SLR camera at the beginning of the week. It was strange working with film again, as I haven't done so since I was maybe 14. And actually looking through the view finder took a bit of getting used to. My current digital camera doesn't even have a viewfinder to look through, just the screen on the back.

This is my contact sheet. It's actually from the second film I shot as the first got completely wiped when we were developing. Something to do with the developer being contaminated. Not cool. So I had to go back out with the camera and take 36 shots in an hour.

My university doesn't use trays to process the images, instead it's simply done using a machine. An Ilford 2150rc to be exact. Apparently they don't make them like this anymore.

I've never done any wet photography before, so I can't compare, but apparently using the machine is heaps easier than trays. You just feed the exposed paper in and 90 seconds later out comes your photo. Simples.

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