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Friday, 19 February 2010

'The crocodile wanted to eat the monkey'...

...is the caption on the back of this drawing. By me. Dated 1995. Pretty good huh?

I've noticed some cool things on the web which transform children's drawings into more than just scrappy pieces of paper stuck on the fridge.

Korean artist Yeondoo Jung uses photography to take a child's drawing from imagination to real life.

David Devries, a comic-book artist, makes realistic paintings based on children's drawings in a project called The Monster Engine.

Lizette Greco creates plush characters based on children's drawings. The creations are also available to buy on etsy.

Here's a couple more of my pre art school works of art, and some advice to parents of young kids; write the date and a description of the drawing on the piece because I'm sure your child will appreciate it when they get older.

Age 3, 'A tree house'

Age 4

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