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Thursday 22 December 2022

Making Christmas Cards With A Toddler

I promise I won't only post to this blog with each year's Christmas card, but this year has been a busy one looking after my baby-turned-toddler! I'm hoping to post more in the new year.

But anyway, here is this year's Christmas card, made in collaboration with my 14 month old.

My original plan for the cards was to do a foot print Christmas tree, but as soon as I went near my son's foot with the paint he freaked out. He wanted to paint with the paint brush instead. He doesn't need to use his feet anymore, he's not a baby!

So I moved to plan B and grabbed a few coloured sheets of paper and more paint, and let him artistically express himself. He was very opinionated about what colours he wanted to use, though he did get a bit distracted by the lids going on and off.

So far my only tips for painting with a toddler are wear something you would mind getting paint on, and have wipes to hand!

These are the finished paintings. Beautiful work.

I then made some templates and cut the shapes out of the three paintings to become the stack of presents.

After sticking down the presents, I added some gold ribbon and a bow, and a little Merry Christmas tag.
Like last year, I stuck a photo of my son doing the painting to the inside of the card so the recipients can see how it was made.

I really like how these cards turned out and it's a simple way to use your kid's more 'abstract' artwork.

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