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Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Wedding Guest Book

For our wedding guest book I went down an untraditional route, in that I ended up with a wedding guest bag.

The idea came from the tea-towels we used to make at school. It might have happened in your school too. Everyone draws a picture of themselves then they get sent away and printed on a tea towel of the whole school.

Photograph by Paul Summerfield
Being an artist I liked the idea of everyone doing a bit of drawing.
I cut out squares of paper and provided plenty of biros. At the venue, I'd provided a large notice board to be set up on my table easel, with lots of drawing pins for people to display their portrait.

Photograph by Paul Summerfield
It was a lot of fun going through the drawings a few days after the wedding. Not everyone did a drawing and I thought about whether to do their portrait myself, but in the end we decided to just draw Andrew's brother and Nan ourselves so that we at least had all of our family represented.

Once I had all the drawings I scanned them in and edited them as some needed to be a bit darker. Then I arranged them on Photoshop with our names and the date of our wedding in the middle.

I went with the tea towel idea for a bit but then decided to make the drawings into something  I would get more use out of; a canvas tote bag.

I found this Etsy shop to print the bag and sent them the final image of all the pictures put together.

I really love this idea as it's something we'll use every time we go shopping, rather than having a traditional guest book which just sits on a shelf.

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