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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Ribbon Hearts

I bought this pack of white wooden hearts from a charity shop for 50p a while back, and they've since been waiting in a drawer for inspiration. The inspiration came during the summer when I was in a seaside shop that had a Christmas section (I totally don't mind looking at Christmas decorations in August). There was a stripey patterned heart decoration that caught my eye and gave me an idea. The pattern on the heart in the shop was printed on but I thought I could achieve a similar look with ribbons.

I picked out all the Christmas ribbon I have in my stash and any other colours that would match. I coated the wooden hearts in PVA glue and laid the ribbons across it.

Once the glue was dry I trimmed the ribbon. I sealed the edges with some more glue to stop the ribbon from fraying.

 Then I made a hole in the top and put some shiny red thread through. 

These were really simple to make and a great way to use some of my ribbon stash.

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