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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Making My Handwriting In To A Font

I found out about making my own font from Natalie at Work Over Easy. You should check out her post, the font she made is great.

To make your own font from your handwriting just go to My Script Font and follow the instructions.

There's a template to print out which includes the alphabet, numbers and some extra characters. I filled mine in with a pencil first, and then went over it in pen. For my first attempt I tried to do the best version of my natural handwriting, but I'm not sure if it turned out like that.

The template sheet then needs to be scanned and uploaded to the website. Then you download the font file and load it to your computer by dropping it in the fonts folder in the control panel.

 It's so cool to see your handwriting being typed out on the screen!

For my third version I wanted to have a bit of fun with it and see what crazy letters I could come up with.

It's such an easy and relatively quick process I think everyone should have a go at making their own font.


  1. This is cool, I would love to make my hand writing into a font! Have to check Natalie's page out after this :)

  2. This is amazing! I didn't know you could do that, thanks for sharing! I really like your second attempt!


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