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Friday, 7 April 2017

A Chocolate Day in York

At the start of the week my boyfriend and I went to York for a couple of days to start off our school holiday. Andrew has quite a big sweet tooth so as an early birthday present I booked us on to a tour at York's Chocolate story, and a chocolate workshop at York's Cocoa House.

First up was the Chocolate Story tour. It was very informative and each section came with a taster which was a bonus, though next time I'll give the cold chocolate water (similar to what the Aztecs drank) a miss. The tour ended with a chance to make our own chocolate lollies which were cooled and bagged up ready for us after a demonstration by their chocolatier on how to make filled chocolates.

In the afternoon we headed to the Cocoa House for our 'design and make your own chocolate bar' workshop. We were given different kinds of a chocolate buttons to try to decide which chocolate we wanted to use for our bar. 95% cocoa chocolate? No thank you. We went for the 55% dark chocolate instead.

Our bar was made of 300g of chocolate buttons which we melted using a hair dryer. There was a choice of flavourings to add to the melted chocolate and we chose mint. We poured the melted chocolate into plastic take-away containerss and added Smarties and sprinkles for decoration.
When we came back the next day to pick up our chocolate bar they'd wrapped it up nicely in cellophane tied with ribbons!

It was a really fun day but after such a chocolate filled time we were ready for a very savoury dinner with lots of vegetables!

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