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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The Toot Fairy Book

 A little before Christmas my boyfriend Andrew decided he wanted to write a children's book (inspired by my previous literary endeavours I'm sure!) and I agreed to do the illustrations.
He played around with a few different ideas but knew he'd struck gold when he suddenly came out with, "How about 'the toot fairy'?"

 With the help of a couple of friends he wrote the book and then it was my turn to do the hard work and get the illustrations done.

With my previous two books I did all the artwork by hand. I drew the images and then coloured them using water colour paints. But for this book we knew we wanted a bolder, brighter look so I coloured the images on photoshop.

 I put the pages together in photoshop, adding the lines of text.

Then we sent it off to be printed! We're self-publishing the book using Create Space and it's available to buy on Amazon.

 So if you have a little kid in your life, or even a big kid, that likes fart jokes check it out!

And have a look at my previous books If I Lived There and Louisiana Ludgate and the Lollipops

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