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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

This Week I...

...went to New York with work! We took a group of 39 art students to see the famous galleries and tourists attractions. Even though I've been to New York twice before there were still things on the itinerary that I hadn't done before. These included:

Going to the viewing platform of the Rockefeller Centre. This was actually our third attempt to go up as the first two were rescheduled due to poor visibility.

We went to the Guggenheim. The other art galleries we visited were the Met, the MOMA and the Whitney, all of which I'd visited before, but this was my first time at the Guggenheim. The building is amazing and unlike any other art space I've been to.

On one day we got up super early and headed down town to catch the ferry to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. It was cool to be so close to the Statue of Liberty and we gave the students a competition to see who could produce the best drawing of it, and Ellis Island was very interesting. It's cafe wasn't bad either.

Having got back today I'm thankful that I have the rest of the week off, as it's half term, to recover from a very busy few days.

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