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Friday, 30 September 2016

Tool Belt Apron

At this time of year my job at work is to make sure the display boards around the school have fresh backing paper and borders. It's kind of a big job for a small person but I made something to make it a little easier.

A tool belt apron!
Being able to carry around the tools I need strapped around my middle frees up my hands to carry rolls of paper and a stool.

I whipped this up in one evening using strong black fabric. I luckily found I had some black strap material which saved me making my own from the black fabric.

I sewed three pockets; one big enough for the staple gun, one for the scissors, and then the other one for things like a tape measure, staple remover and spare staples. There's nothing worse than standing on a stool holding up backing paper only to find I've run out of staples and having to put everything down to go and get some more.

This might be my favourite thing I've made just for how useful it's proving to be!

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