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Friday, 11 March 2016

Painting: Sisters

My latest painting was inspired by an artist that I discovered in one of the 6th form student's sketchbooks at work. I loved the style of the images I saw so I researched Pilar Lopez Baez further.

Pilar's paintings have different images and layers in the background which is something I wanted to recreate. I decided I wanted to do a painting of me and my sisters so I put things on the canvas that related to us; tickets of things we'd been to together and photos of us as children, which I put on the canvas via image transfer.

I painted over these things with a plain emulsion, so I would be able to paint over them with oil paint, allowing the details to still be seen.

I roughly drew out the figures and painted some block colour for the background.

This is what the painting looks like at the moment. I could probably keep tweaking it forever but there's other things I want to work on!

I really like Pilar's rough, sketchy style of painting, but it's not something that comes naturally to me, so I painted the figures in my usual style

This painting is best seen in person as then you can really notice all the extra things going on. Like to the left of my painted head I stuck a serviette from the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum which I visited with one of my sisters. I like the different texture that it provided, as it started to wrinkle when I applied the background colour.

The background photos worked best when they were painted over with a light colour. I'd put some where my sister's black top is but they can only be seen a little bit through the dark colour, which is something I didn't think about when I was deciding their placement.

So what do you think of this style of painting?

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