Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Morph Making Workshop

As I mentioned on Sunday I went to a Morph making workshop as part of the Radio Times festival last weekend.
For those of you who don't know Morph is an animated plasticine fellow who has been on children's tv for ever and is made by Aardman, the same people who make Wallace & Gromit.

Everyone was given the same amount of Morph-coloured plasticine and a little bit of black and white. 

Morph doesn't have an armature so you start but rolling the plasticine into a ball then pulling out bits to make a kind of starfish.

Then you make the bits into the head, arms and legs, and add thumbs.

The only time you remove a bit of plasticine is to make the nose, which is added on separately.
Then you use the white and black plasticine to make the eyes.

The only problem with the workshop was there weren't any visuals to work from. So when I got home I looked at a few pictures of Morph and worked on my model to make him look better. I mainly made his head rounder and made the eyes bigger. I also used a teaspoon to make the proper mouth shape, as suggested by the guy running the workshop.

I put a photo of my finished Morph on twitter and the actual Morph favourited it!

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