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Friday, 19 June 2015

Nail Varnish Wire Flower

I recently saw this pin of a wire flower made with nail varnish, which led me to this video of Man vs Pin (which is my new favourite thing) which told me that the secret to getting this project to work is glue. So I had a go.

I started by making a simple flower from craft wire.

I found the best way to coat the wire petals in PVA glue was to dunk the whole thing in the container.

Some of the PVA petals kind of popped as they were drying so those ones had to be re-dunked but eventually I got a wire flower with all five petals coated in PVA glue.

Then for the nail varnish. I painted it on and found that it made the glue wrinkle like water does to paper but there was nothing I could do about that, so I'm saying it was deliberate.

The petals got 3/4 coats of nail varnish

I then wrapped the wire stalk around a hair grip and made myself cute new hair accessory!

What do you think?

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