Sunday, 13 July 2014

This Week I...

...went to the new Prezzo that's opened in Letchworth twice.
First for dinner with my gal pals on Monday night then for lunch on Saturday with my Mum and sister. We sat on the balcony as it was a surprise sunny day.

Also on Saturday I picked up these proper bargains from a charity shop.
The Brookes & Dunn Greatest Hits doesn't have some of the songs I would consider their greatest hits, like I Believe or Red Dirt Road, but I'm going to let that go since it was only 50p!
I'm listening to the Regina Spektor album right now and it's got so many great songs I'd forgotten about on it. These were great finds.

On Saturday evening I dragged my sisters to the private view of this exhibition.
It was put on by the life drawing tutor from the Letchworth Arts Centre - I take the money and make the teas/coffees for the sessions on Wednesday evenings - and also featured one of the people who goes to the sessions as well as one of my old tutors from college.

How was your week??
I've only got 1 and a half weeks left of term! #workingineducation

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