Sunday, 29 June 2014

This Week I...

...went to see The Fault In Our Stars.
And it was real good! I know that you should read the book before seeing the movie but I haven't read the book yet because I wanted to go into the movie not knowing any of the story, although I had already figured out one of the major plot points.
There weren't that many people at the showing I went to, but there was still a lot of audible sniffling and sobbing throughout the movie.

On Saturday evening my Dad on I went on a massive sorting out spree starting with our videos and dvds. We have so many VHS tapes that are now redundant. We checked every tape to make sure there was nothing we wanted to keep - we're keeping the tape with Spice World recorded on! - and there were too many tapes that just had episodes of Big Brother recorded on.
We also came across the rarely seen recording of a drama club play starring (and I use that term very loosely) me, aged 5, and my two sisters. It was Fantastic Mr Fox and I played a generic animal. Like a true professional I kept my mask on the whole time, unlike some of my fellow actors, but that does mean I didn't get to see my face at all in the recording.

This weekend was all about getting some great bargains.
At the Scrap Store I bought this flowery case for £3.
I got two pairs of cool jeans for £5 each. They fit really well...and are made for children.
At my local Co-op they have a bookshelf by the checkout where you can by second hand books by making a donation. I don't usually see much that I want, but on this particular trip I picked up 3 books, including one written by Alan Jackson's wife.
And finally, on Sunday my town had a garage sale trail. My Mum and I hit up quite a lot of them and I very selectively bought a guitar capo for 50p and a mitre block for 60p. They were asking for 50p for the mitre block but I was feeling generous. 

What did you get up to this week?

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