Sunday, 12 January 2014

This Week I...

...had my first week at my new job.
I'm a teaching assistant at a primary school and my first task was to decorate this display board.
I am a master of sugar paper.
The staff were very impressed. Well, I do have a Fine Art degree.

I spent a lot of time sorting things in my bedroom this week and I came across my old Talkboy!
You know, like Kevin has in Home Alone.
And even better than that, I found the cassette tape that I used with it.
Oh boy.
One side starts with me and my friends, at I think middle school age, doing little skits and then I must have just left it recording when we were hanging out practising a play by the sounds of it.
The other side is all me and my sisters doing various radio interviews as different characters. Between these are little 'sponsor messages' where I would switch to the high pitch setting and sing made up jingles.
Then right at the end is a recording of my oldest sister - unknown to her - singing in her bedroom.
I do remember standing right outside her door to catch her singing on tape.
I was so sneaky!

Did anyone else have similar childhood shenanigans?

1 comment:

  1. That notice board looks great ! What age are the children at the school you are working in
    Eb x


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