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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Sewing Bag from Grandad Jumper

Going through my stash of supplies I came across this old jumper my Grandad gave me as it has a few hole in it (I used one of his jumpers in a previous project) and these wooden handles I picked up at the Scrap Store.

This is what I made with them! A sewing bag.

I started by cutting of the main body of the jumper to use for the bag.
I now have a less-than-half jumper in case that ever comes into fashion.

I decided to make the bag the same width as the jumper so I only needed to sew the bottom side. I took to the sewing machine and to my surprise the wool went through fine.

 I got a bit fancy when making the lining and managed to put in a pocket on one side which I divided into three.

I sewed the lining and the wool together and put them through the slits in the wooden handles, then hand-sewed them in place.

The last thing I needed to do was cover up the holes in the jumper. I found a crochet doily which I'd found at the Scrap Store and sewed it to a piece of grey felt. I then glued and sewed the felt to the bag.

My Grandad didn't recognise his old jumper when I showed him the bag!

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