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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Double Exposure

When I was at uni one of the guys on my course produced amazing double-exposure photographs and ever since his presentation about his work at the start of 3rd year I've wanted to try the technique.
Check out Rob's work here.

Once I'd found a film I spent over a year taking photos.
I finished the film once and then put it back in the camera for a second time round.
Here are some of the best photos from that roll of film.

This one is my favourite.
An image of my cousin overlapped with a sign on a gate.

The only planning I did was to only take landscape and building type photos on the first go round of the film, and then take photos of people on the second go round. 
Because the whole thing took over a year (as I kept forgetting to bring the camera places) there was no way of remembering what I had taken the first time to match it with something specific.
And that's the fun of it!

In a lot of the photos one of the overlapped images is a bit faint and that's because I instinctively took bright photos, and of course two brights make an even brighter.
So if I were to do this again I would not take so many photos of the sky!

 The process creates some interesting juxtapositions.
The background photos were taken in Norwich while I was at uni and at home, and the people include my family, my friends from home, from uni and from camp.
So it's interesting when a friend from home ends up with a Norwich background even if they've never been there.
The opposite happened with this photo which has a faint image of my sister over lapped with a scenic view of the town she lives in, which happened completely by coincidence.

The next time I do this I'd also like to experiment with textures as the background image, not just landscapes or buildings, but still with people being the over lapping image. 

Of course this type of image could be created on Photoshop but the image choices would be too deliberate.
Kicking it old school with a roll of film is much more fun.
And developing the film was only £4 at Tescos which isn't too bad these days.


  1. Oh my gosh I am completely obsessed with doing this now. I have used GIMP and tried to be as undeliberate (?) as possible... It creates some amazing things, far better than an ordinary photo !

  2. These are seriously so cool! what sort of film camera did you use? 35mm slr or a simple point and shoot? i definitely need to get some film and try this out! Thanks for sharing!!


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