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Thursday, 10 October 2013

90s Patterns & Old Skirts

This is what happens when you take a hand-me-down skirt and a pattern from the 90s.

This project began with this copy of Essentials magazine from 1993.
My Mum has a box of dress patterns and I came across this magazine when looking for a pattern for a shirt.
Instead I found patterns for a summer wardrobe!

I decided I wanted to make this 'sun top' but make it part of a dress.

I used a skirt my sister had given me but I'd never worn and made the sun top to attach to it.
I made a few adjustments to the pattern like I made it back opening instead of front opening so it would line up with the zip in the back of the skirt.

I bought some buttons to match the fabric and my Mum stitched the buttons holes for me. She was a big help with this project as I haven't worked with a paper pattern before and the instructions in the magazine were a bit confusing.

I hemmed the skirt and made straps from the material I cut off.

I'm still not sure about the pleats in the skirt - which is why I never wore it in the first place - but other than that I really like this summer dress.
Except I'm going to have to pair it with tights and a cardigan if I want to wear it any time soon.

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