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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Bag #2

After the success of the first bag I made I thought I would try making another.

I got this awesome plastic fabric from the Scrap Store.
In fact everything I used for this bag, with the exception of the black fabric on the bottom, came from there; the straps, the lining fabric, the binding, and zip.
I love that place.

I had an idea in my head of what I wanted the bag to look like and it took my brain a while to figure out how to translate that image into a method.
It was actually quite simple; two sides sewn to the bottom piece with the straps going over the patterns fabric and under the black. Then sew up the sides.

This technique for making the corners of the bag is my new favourite thing.
I originally saw how to do it on this blog post.

I thought this would be an easy way to add a zip. And I was right!
I sewed the zip to two strips of fabric which I then attached to the lining. This saved me trying to attach the zip directly to the lining.
I then added little fabric tabs on either end of the zip to tidy it up.

The inside lining is a little baggy but it works.
And of course I put an inside pocket in for those who always lose their keys at the bottom of their bags.

My Mum thinks the material I used for the straps is actually what they use for chairs to hold the seat.
At least I know it'll be really strong.
I used some black binding over the part where lining meets outside of bag to make it neat.

I got a lot of that plastic material from the Scrap Store, so I wonder what I'll make next.

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