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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Set Design Scale Model

One of the projects on my set design course was to re-design the set of the Graham Norton Show and make a scale model of our design.
My tutor said my idea was better than what the show has already.
Just sayin'.

I made the furniture out of Sculpey, and you can't really see in this photo but the legs of the table are triangles and are covered in glitter on the inside.
A lot of peoples designs involved glitter.

The guests enter from behind that orange triangle.
I love the gold shiny trim I used on the shapes, and the way it reflects light.

The right hand side of the set is the performance area.
I put the big gold shape in the middle to separate it from the sit-down area and added a fancy light fixture. I tried to make one myself but my tutor said we could just print out a picture of one.
That would not fly on my fine art course! Different worlds...

This was my first time using a scale ruler. With my miniature models I usually just wing it, but I might start using the ruler for my art miniatures as it is useful.

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