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Thursday, 21 February 2013

My space

When looking for blank pages in the back of sketchbooks I came across this project I thought I'd share.
It was the summer project I was assigned before going to uni in 2009, entitled 'myspace'.
I decided to create a bunch of arty pages around my home town, and here's a few of them

I started with a photo of a young me outside my garage, and then drew the rest of the house around it.

The bus stop where I used to catch the bus to school was right next to a field that had ponies in it.
Nice, right? Not when it's 8 in the morning a pony is weeing right next to you.

This is a view of our watermill painted in watercolours.

A pencil drawing of one of the churches.

A page about the playgroup I went to.
That's a chalk pastel drawing on the right, drawn on my town's section of the local paper. Clever.

Mostly I just liked including photos of me when I was younger.
Too many of my school uniforms involved wearing a tie though...

I think this is probably the closest I've got to 'art journalling' and it's a nice little record to have of my home town and the parts that mean something to me.

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