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Monday, 10 September 2012

There was an old lady who...lived on a coaster?

Remember that miniature knitting I did?
Well I wanted to do something with it so I made an old lady who could use it.

The knitting needed to be a bit longer so I first had to re-teach myself how to knit (thank you youtube).

The old lady started off looking pretty creepy.
I used Sculpey but still haven't got the baking times right as she came out of the oven with varying skin tones.

I'd never tried sculpting a face before and I'm actually surprised with how it turned out. I used my fingernails and a needle to get all the detail. And by detail, I mostly mean wrinkles.

While I was sculpting the old lady's face I happened to be listening to the episode of This American Life which was a tribute to David Rakoff who had died the week before. It made me sad towards the old lady and made her seem more frail.

For her wispy hair I used some polyester stuffing, I made her some tiny wire spectacles, and I gave her a pearl necklace, cos old ladys like pearls, right?
Her jumper is made from a cardigan that I bought to use as the carpet in my model bedroom.

Making the rocking chair was a fun challenge, like when I made a wheelie bin for my degree show piece.
I think this is the first cardboard miniature thing I've made since graduating.

I also made her a little knitting bag to keep the rest of her wool in.
And so you like her fluffy pink slippers?
They're made from a flannel that I bought to use as the carpet in the bedroom of my degree show house.
Nothing gets wasted over here!

What should I name this old lady?
I think she could easily be a Gladys, or an Enid, or a Judith.
Any thoughts? Hit me with your best old lady names.


  1. This little old lady just rocks my socks!! Old people make me so excited and this totally reminds me of my best friend. *bffs getting old together*

    Old Betsy!

  2. This is beyond amazing!I'm always amazed by your talent xx

  3. Mavis. Or Maude. She definitely looks like a Mavis or a Maude. Also, she is awesome.


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