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Monday, 4 July 2011

Bunting necklace

My Dad recently gave me these booklets of leather samples that his work no longer needed.
Tiny bits of leather in all different colours.

I've seen loads of great tutorials using leather scraps so now I can make them too.

I started with this bunting necklace which I love so much. It was based on this tutorial by Mrs Priss, which in turn was inspired by a necklace from Anthropologie. 

It was super easy to make, and more so because I didn't need to colour my leather like in the tutorial.
I kept mine quite simple with only a few triangles and didn't add any ribbon, but I still think it looks cute. 


  1. oh this is sooo cute! my husband is an interior designer and has a ton of samples of all sorts of materials. i wonder if i could convince him to share... :)

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