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Monday, 21 March 2011

Envelope bags

I realised I've never shown y'all these bags I made a few years ago.
They're cute clutches made to look like envelopes with a chain strap and embroidered french address.

And yes, that embroidery took a very long time.

As well as these two I made a third bag as a commission for my sister's friend with her own choice of name and address.

I got the idea after seeing this picture which I've only just found out is from Bedcrumb.
They make all sorts of stylish accessories and there's loads of pretty things on their website, so I suggest checking it out.


  1. Oh my GOD you're talented! I love your work

  2. Oh, these look great and I'm sure it must have taken you A LOT OF TIME to finish them up but it's so worth it, the result is INCREDIBLE!<3

  3. These looks so great, awesome job girl!


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