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Friday, 1 October 2010

My Model Room: #15 Book shelves and notice board

The room is starting to look a bit more 'lived in' as I'm filling up the shelves.

For my notice board I used a small bit of cork and put a tiny version of my calendar on it. Unfortunately the only image of the Country Music Hall of Fame calendar on the internet was the December page with Gretchen Wilson on it. I was hoping for Sugarland, or maybe Brad or Taylor. 

Hanging from one of my shelves I have some plastic crystals that were sold as Christmas decorations. I recreated these using clear seed beads and invisible thread. On the drawers underneath I made the red plastic container I keep my hair things in and my clock, which I still need to put the numbers on.

Here's a close up on the mini version of the wooden box I made in middle school, and some of my books. I made the books by taking a photo of the books on my shelf and sticking it to a little box made of card, slotting in more card for the taller books.
Also notice that I made the shelf brackets made of little bits of card painted pink.

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