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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

My Model Room: #12 Mirror and more

Here's my mirror and the decorations around it.

There's my handmade montage of people with guitars. I took a photo of the original and reduced the size and the frame is made of matchsticks. The guitar in the top right corner is covered in buttons!

The mirror is jut shiny silver card. The circle stickers are to represent the sports day stickers I've had stuck there for ever. At the bottom I used nail transfers to represent all the different post-it notes I put there.

I bought these flowers from Hobbycraft and have them in a couple of places in my room. To make the miniature versions I cut tiny petals from one of the original petals and then glued a small piece of wire to each of them individually. 

I also have them on my wardrobe in these little half pots. I made the original pots with papier mache around a large yogurt pot, but for the miniatures I just folded a small bit of sugar paper.

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