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Friday, 20 August 2010

My Model Room: #8 Bedding

The project continues with the bedding. I got the sewing machine out and whipped up a duvet and pillows.

My top bunk is where we store spare pillows so I made a few extra to copy this. This part isn't finished yet as my actual top bunk is covered in a blanket with a hexagonal patchwork pattern, but I haven't figured out how to replicate this yet.

The duvet and top pillow on my bed are double sided and I went for plain pink for one side and a pink patterned fabric for the other, which is the actual fabric of my duvet set and curtains. My Mum re-hemmed my curtains, cutting off the extra so I could use it for my model room. 

I've got a lot of the extra curtain fabric leftover so I made a hair bow with it. Now I can match my room!

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