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Friday, 23 July 2010

My Model Room: #5 Bunk beds

I couldn't have a simple single bed in my room, could I? No, I have to have tricky bunk beds which definitely gave me more of a challenge. They go back to the days when my two sisters and I used to all share a bedroom.Then they both got their own rooms and I was left with the big room to myself. And the bunk beds.

For the main part of the beds I used a cereal box which I covered with lollypop sticks that I had painted. I then stuck four kebab skewers to the corners of the bed and crossed my fingers that they would stay up, otherwise I was going to have to come up with a plan to attach the whole thing to the wall, but it worked and the whole thing is free-standing!

Using more lollypop sticks and kebab skewers I added the finishing details to the beds.
I'm now out of lollypop sticks, feel free to donate.

I also made the ladder for the bunk beds in the same way; small bits of painted wood and wishful sticking.

I made two mattresses out of foam and covered them in fabric, tucking it in at the sides; like a real bed!

Then Anya and Tara from Buffy stopped by to test them out. They didn't even have the decency to take off their shoes.

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