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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Birthday Cakes: Part 1

It's my birthday on Friday so I thought now would be a great time to take a trip down memory lane and show y'all some of the best birthday cakes I've had throughout the years. There's quite a few so I'll show you some now, and then finish up on Friday where I'll end with this years addition.

That's me, my Rupert the Bear teddy, and my Rupert the Bear cake. Happy 3rd birthday!

For my 6th birthday it's an artist and easel. Always with the arty.

I had a penguin birthday party when I was 7, complete with penguin cake. And notice the mini penguin cakes with a single candle. My Mum always did that so that my friends had a candle to blow out too.

By the age of 12 I was decorating my own birthday cakes and this one was a monkey to fit in with then growing collection of stuffed monkeys.

For my 13th birthday I went go-karting so I had a cake to match. Complete with Jaffa cake wheels and Playmobile passengers.

Come back on Friday to see the rest.

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